Monday, October 22, 2007


A policeman just propped the report he was writing against my copy of The Thirteenth Tale.

Yes, I'm at the library. It's been rather exciting around here tonight.


  1. Yikes. I don't know that I've ever seen a policeman in a library (not in a professional capacity, at least).

  2. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Um, was he cute? ;)

  3. One would think that's a public library in which you are working.
    And I have to side with Sylvia.
    *Was* he cute?


  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    The last time we had a policeman in my library was to arrest a man viewing child porn. Scary.

  5. We had a 15-year-old arrested for trespassing yesterday. He was using a computer by our desk and the campus cops and security guards came and put handcuffs on him and took him away. We found out later that he'd been caught looking at porn down on first floor once before and had been told he could never come back.

    We've been having kids who live in apts. nearby come to the library for more than a year now--they use the computers for youtube and myspace for hours at a time (public library would never allow that).

    Monday evening was ladies night evidently: a huge screaming match that attracted a crowd of students and could easily have tipped over into blows. As a result, three people were "trespassed" from the library (I hate using trespassed that way, but law enforcement types don't take my sensibilities into account AT ALL), including a mom and her 15-year-old daughter (!).

    And last week, a nursing student went a little nuts, threatened to slap several of the kids, bullied the student worker at our desk, and eventually got herself trespassed right on out of there. I hope she flunks out of school.

    Last year we had a murder suspect hide out on our floor of the library, but all the excitement from that came after he'd been caught.

    Was the cop cute? I couldn't say, but I swear I'll pay more attention next time. ;)

  6. Oh my. We last had a policeman in our library when he arrived in full uniform to read at a kids storytime! It was fortuitous that he was around, however, because immediately following the storytime three teenage boys started a fire in the washrooms. He caught them and "trespassed" them (although we don't use that phrase, I can see how it offends your grammatical sensibilities!)


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