Sunday, November 03, 2013


Time // 6:20 pm.

Place // My messy, messy upstairs study. I ordered new bedroom furniture and a rug in August, which necessitated the removal of a popcorn ceiling, refinishing a hardwood floor, painting, and, oh yeah, moving tons of stuff that had been allowed to accumulate over the years in the bedroom. Lots of it is still in the study, although the bedroom is mostly finished. Must do something about the excess very soon. 

Consuming // Ginger ale and Imitrex. It's the beginning of migraine week.

Reading // This past week I finished Christopher Priest's The Adjacent and reread Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves for book club.This was my pick, and I'd worried that the Fowler would not go over well with some of the readers in this group, but like it they did, and many seemed to have actually followed my advice and not read reviews and flap copy beforehand, and were surprised when Fern's identity was revealed. I've started Nancy Milford's Zelda: A Biography and James McBride's The Good Lord Bird.

Blogging // As you might can tell, I am trying to kick-start myself into blogging again. Last night I posted the same photo of the Prague astronomical clock that I used nine years ago when the blog was a mere week old. I wonder if there are any old-timers still reading?

Watching // We've been rewatching Breaking Bad. I think "Fly" is the last episode we've seen.

Listening // We went to an Eileen Jewell show last month and I've been listening to a lot of her cds ever since. Plus, someone put a Monkees cd in the car and while I like it, I think that someone should switch it out for something else really really soon.

Loving //  That we now have a bed that it's not only comfortable to read in, but it's possible to read in. I broke our old bed years back trying to shift it around to clean under it and it would collapse if you put any pressure at all on the headboard.

Hating // That we're still waiting on bedside tables and a dresser. I want to stack books on them all!

Making // Last minute phone calls to my crew for tomorrow evening's set up at the precinct. There's an election Tuesday!

Anticipating // My trip to Maryland next Sunday to visit Wendy. 

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