Thursday, October 18, 2007

My daughter dropped and broke her phone a couple weeks back, which, long story short, led to my husband buying himself a Blackberry. I'm kind of anti-cell phone in general and this one, from what I can gather, actually has mystical properties. Not to mention it's scary looking; I keep my distance from it.

He had it on the desk by his side of the bed last night and I swear it buzzed and vibrated all night long.

I asked this morning who'd kept calling.

"Well, TA called once. I don't think he sleeps much. " TA is his financial advisor and he's always scheming something.

"But all the other times. Did I dream them? Did Susie Salmon leave a text message?"

"Susie Salmon?"

"She's dead, she's in heaven, but she--"

"No, of course not. You dreamed that."

"But she's a fictional character, so I thought it might have been someone's idea of a joke."

"You completely dreamed that."

Stupid phone. I'm going to make him leave it downstairs tonight.

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