Monday, October 15, 2007

Literary magazines

Does anyone want or need any literary magazines from the Seventies and Eighties? I've rescued a box of Georgia Reviews from the staff Free Books table for myself, but there are many many other journals still available. Granta, Antioch Review, lots of others.

I hate to see them remain homeless and wind up in a dumpster.


  1. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Do you use bookmooch? You could put them on Bookmooch and I suspect they might get snatched up! (I would also hate to put them in a dumpster)...or, just another quick thought, you could give them to a university if they have a writing program.

  2. Well, I'm at a university and I suspect one of the writing professors is unloading the ones he/she no longer has the room to store, especially since the library carries them as well.

    I hate to resort to bookmooch, because that would involve me bringing them all home to store for awhile (no room, husband would KILL me) and there are just too many.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I would love it, but it would cost you way too much to send them across the Atlantic. Do try Bookmooch though, it's a great way to avoid dumpsters.


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