Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Expect a lot of Eliot

So on Thursday I mentioned that I was starting Daniel Deronda . Sarah promptly said what a coincidence--she was currently rereading it for a paper she needs to write; we could read along together. Sylvia quickly scored a library copy and committed to reading it with us; next Eva said she'd like to join in on all the fun as well. Danielle succumbed to the allure of Eliot over the weekend (a handy way of postponing D.H. Lawrence for a tad longer; don't I know how hard those first 200 pages of The Rainbow are to get into and through), Red Room Librarian said he found Eliot hard to resist, and folks, that's how easy it is to get a reading group formed.

Sarah needs to complete her reread by Thanksgiving. If you can't imagine making your way through a book this size in that amount of time, keep in mind that at a two-chapters-per-day pace it could be done in 35 days--and a lot of the chapters are fairly short. But really, it's okay if you take longer than that. It's even okay if you go a little nuts and have the whole thing read by next Friday.

Expect a lot of Eliot on all our blogs in the coming weeks. And for anyone else toying with the idea of reading along with us: please do.

Edited to add: Staci has joined the group! Welcome, Staci.


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I started it this morning, and I think it is going to be easy getting into the story. I'm going to try and read two chapters a day. You guys conviently decided to do this right after I finished Kristin L! Poor Lawrence--I *will* get to him before the year's out! That is my (maybe lone at the rate I am going) outmoded author book.

  2. Hmmm. I was actually going to start Silas Marner after I finished my current book (Cranford, by Elizabeth Gaskell), but if you all are already going to be reading Daniel Deronda, I might do that instead.

    I have to go to the library and Barnes and Noble today so I might join in.

  3. Yay, Staci! Definitely go to the library.

    Danielle, you have till the end of February (it is February, isn't it?) to finish the Lawrence.

  4. A scholarly Jewish friend of my father's said to him that if he wanted to understand what it was to be Jewish, to read Daniel Deronda. I did just that the summer before last. A monumental, wonderful work.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Wish I had the time to read along!

  6. Nancy Ruth, that's good to hear. I think I have another 50 pages or so before Daniel takes center stage.

    Stefanie, I wish you had the time, too, but I understand why you don't.

  7. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I see a trend...

  8. Okay, I'm in. Library didn't have a copy (or else it was checked out), so I *had* to buy it at Barnes and Noble.

    It was a sacrifice. *grin*

    I read chapter 1 last night.

  9. Did you make any other sacrifices at the bookstore, Staci? Glad you've got a copy and have started reading.

    Sylvia, technorati doesn't seem to have picked up everyone's DD posts. I wonder if there's a lag or if it's just not aware of all the blogs out there.

  10. I also bought three Star Wars novels and Firehouse Tales: New Truck on the Block. They weren't for me, though.

  11. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hmm, that chart seems to have a glitch. When it was working it showed a big spike in DD posts over the past couple of days. :)

  12. I've read the first two chapters, and I'm already feeling engrossed. :) If I didn't need to go do yoga, I wouldn't be able to put it down! I love Eliot's writing.


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