Friday, August 25, 2006

The Startle Puss

Claudius is the weirdest cat we've ever had. Rattle a few forks into the dishwasher and he hightails it from the room. Sneeze and he'll send his food dish skittering across the floor in his haste to save himself from imminent danger. He'll insist that you turn the faucet on but before he drinks he has to check half a dozen times for something sneaking up behind him.

Remember, he spent 36 days under the couch last fall after Ellie came to live with us.

Currently he is afraid to go downstairs (we cleaned the carpet in the family room three weeks ago) and I'm having to cater all his meals upstairs.

Once he settles in for his afternoon nap, though, his startle relex takes a hike. Nothing scares him then and he lets it be known that he thinks you're an idiot for thinking that it might.

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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I have a cat like that. I am not sure why she is so skittish--she has always lived inside. She freaks out when you start the ceiling fan or the treadmill. My other cat could care less about just about anything.

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Ha! Rattle a few forks in my house and the cats come running to see if they're getting something. Any sound coming from the kitchen makes them think they're getting a treat. =o)

    Poor Claudius. Perhaps cat therapy would help? LOL

  3. My Charlie is jumpy too, but not nearly as bad. However, this week workmen have been at our house every day to put on a new roof, and can you imagine what sort of terror that must be to him!

  4. My cat used to be like that. He'd even freak out if while he was away sleeping in another room we moved a table to a different spot. He's much better now, actually he's pretty much oblivious. I guess after 16 years he's decided the world is not out to get him :)

  5. Poor Charlie!

    I sure hope Claudie doesn't wait 10 more years before he mellows--he turns six next week.

    His breeder almost didn't sell him to us. She thought he might do better living with a single instead of a family, but evidently none of those showed up wanting to buy him. He isn't afraid of people at all, just noises and things no one else can see. I'm glad the other cats aren't influenced by him.

    I think kittie Xanax might be good for him, but considering that giving him meds is not good for ME, it's not a viable solution.

  6. Our Moby is sometimes utterly nerveless, lies in the hallway and seems not to notice we are walking within inches of him, repeatedly. Other times we move across the room, and he's off to hide under the bed. The mystery of cats.

    We are never alone in the kitchen, especially if the fridge is opened, because, well, you never know, he might get chicken.

  7. Domino is forever laying around in the hallway or on the stairs, or behind my office chair - he makes me skittish! I can throw his toys right past his head and he doesn't even blink. When the doorbell rings, he runs TOWARD the door! But if he's drinking, he's gotta stop 27 times to see if anyone's sneaking up on him. Crazy.


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