Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nicholson watches the other cats run amok. She's immune to cat nip.

The Robot Vegetable notices Lady making eyes at the Tramp.

Ferdinand T. Cat provides a commentary on owner Bruce's messy minefields.

Gigilokitty grieves. Our hearts bleed.

Elison catches Matata in a sunny spot.

Leigh-Ann reports that Jackson and Frank are not getting along.

Farrah has princess kitties! In a castle!

Jennifer: Action photographer. Mystic: Rather scary.

Sisu reports that Arthur and Daisy have recently attended birthday parties. She also remembers a moment of happiness at a time of sorrow--kitty Lucie has disappeared.

Jack's cat IS beautiful, but I refuse to hate her.

Catherine is pleased because her cat is in a photogenic mood.

Tommy has a psycho kitty.

Matt provides a glimpse of Rosie.

Heidi presents Hannah.

BJ gives us "a half-baked history of leonine imagery."

Mog presents kitties gone away and a poor little Frankenkitty.

Brandon gives us Cali in the sunshine.

Does Martin's Morris have fleas?

Mira faces the welcome home crew. Ho hum.

Don't miss a late arrival to the Carnival (it's a goody):

Kimberly catches Sergei losing a battle with Sasha--it's hard to attack successfully when you're up against the fur defense.

And that's it for this week's Carnival, unless you've missed Parts One and Part Two. I'll be here, mopping up. If I've mischaracterized your cat, botched your url, or somehow missed you entirely, let me know in comments.

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