Sunday, November 06, 2005

Catnip for all!

Ellie advises everyone to line up behind her on the counter--the catnip's in the freezer.

Blueberry shows off the lovely California girls.

Michael has Tinker on hand to do the deep thinking.

Peaches has a kitty who's a wee bit possessive--about the sofa.

Lab Kat catches Pica doing yoga.

Rebel has a collection of Neko narcolepsy shots.

Kate has a cat--Elvis-- with excellent taste in literature.

Brian's Smacky has definitely had a whiff of catnip. He's looking for the Door Into Summer. (Hey, two literary cats in a row. Cool.)

MFS's cat is a study in patience. No doubt that's because he's a literary cat, too (er, three).

And there's fourth! Dave's Jack, I've been told, actually reads. Lately he's been reading The Meaning of Everything.

Omnibus Driver's Tiger Boots and Miss Marilyn endorse closed door meetings.

Josh's cats, Snowball and Church, hit the catnip pretty heavily.

Maggie has a friendly kitty. He's just a little hard to see over.

Dolphin's kitties play Freeze.

Platypotamus' lovelies take a sun bath.

Moi scratches Freak under the chinny chin chin.

The gorgeous Doby is Signor Ferrari's shower inspector. (I'm doubtful that NaNoWriMo participants have time to take very many.)

leucanthemum b has some good looking black kittens in his back yard.

SB provides valuable information on orange cats.

Russ informs us that Lou knows how to power nap.

(Second of three parts. Go here and here for the rest of the 85th Carnival of the Cats.)

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