Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New and shiny

Jeff at Necessary Acts of Devotion wants us all to get in touch with our inner Slaves of Golconda:

Coleridge divides readers into four kinds. The first three he believes are to varying degrees lazy, casual, and inattentive. "The fourth," he says, "is like the slaves in the diamond mines of Golconda, who, casting aside all that is worthless, retain only pure gems."

Those of us aspiring to Slaves of Golconda status will be posting on our individual blogs on December 18 about that jewel of a book, Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Grab a copy and join in on the fun!

Budd Parr has begun a new venture for book and literary bloggers as well:


MetaxuCafé will highlight the best content from the community of bloggers who write about books and provide member forums.

I've joined, but I feel intimidated already.

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