Sunday, November 06, 2005

85th Carnival of the Cats

Claudie! Claudius! Wake up! The Carnival's already started downstairs! Come join the party!

Laurence has somehow managed to let Nardo get eaten by a pumpkin.

Clare reports that Boo is trying to open the door just to escape the mayhem.

Rahel has spotted a kitten in the feeding station.

Carrie catches Mr. Gato flirting.

Barry, on the other hand, catches Mr. Gato exhibiting a bit of a Clint Eastwood attitude.

ACM spies Pixel and Pasha engaging in a love-fest.

SRP witnesses Miss Clover and Miss Cloe both bathing and going for the jugular. Then the gals make sure all the doors are in proper working order.

Jeff is besotted with Thalia's big blue eyes--and so am I.

Debra opens the refrigerator per Boo's instructions.

PJ documents Rhett's prowess with big game.

Jazz indicates that Sassy ought to join Claudie in the nap room upstairs.

Julie fails to meet Smoke, Bandit and Grace's expectations and the cats let her know about it.

Elisson visits with Neighbor.

Skully snaps a snuggle between two members of her crew.

(Please note that this week's carnival is divided into three parts. Check below if your link isn't included in this first batch.)

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