Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy tenth birthday, Claudius!

What can I say? While I got Beth Brown's All Horses Go to Heaven for my tenth birthday, Ivan Claudius Rex's tastes are a bit more refined.

Hope it lives up to the hype, ya pretentious little furball.


  1. happy birthday claudius! what an adorable cat!

  2. Happy birthday Claudius. He looks suitably pleased!

  3. Claudius looks thrilled; I would be as well :)

  4. Happy Birthday Claudius! I hope he likes the book too. I pre-ordered it from B&N online and it shipped yesterday.

  5. Anonymous9:02 PM

    What a sweetheart he is! My sister has a cat named Claudius and he is a mean little thing! Hope your Claudius had a great birthday!

  6. Love it! Claudius, I hope you had a lovely birthday.


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