Saturday, October 21, 2006

Okay, so I decided only one short month ago that I wouldn't stockpile books. And granted, the stack above has all the markings of yet another stockpile.

But I did leave myself a caveat when I made the buy-and-read policy: I could still buy whatever I wanted at the used bookstore since I can't control when I might stumble upon an interesting book at a good price there. And these lovelies were all too good to pass up.

I do so love a caveat.


  1. Lucky you, I can't find Evelina anywhere.
    I love a caveat too, and I'm inserting yours into my "No book buying for October" vow (which has been broken repeatedly anyway). Off to the 2nd hand bookstore where I spied The Shadow of the wind, and The Sea...

  2. Good for you - only five for the stack. That's not bad. I'd like to find Half of a Yellow Sun.

  3. What a pretty pile! I haven't bought a book in several weeks (Indiana was the last one in quite a while I've bought, and that's because I couldn't find it used anywhere), but I've managed to accumulate a lot of books through Bookmooch. We do find ways, don't we?

  4. It's such a short stack that it seems almost...inconsequential.... Hope you like the Powers.

    Hey, at least you live far enough away that you can avoid going to this. I'll probably come home with a trunkload. :)

  5. Those are definitely nice looking books that are too good to pass by!


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