Monday, October 30, 2006

Birthday booty

I think if I requested books for Christmas this year everyone I know would break out in hysterical laughter.


  1. Looks wonderful!!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hope you had a great birthday! My family already knows to just buy me gift certificates for christmas and birthdays (mine is in Feb)--so I usually don't have to buy any books for at least the first few months of the year...just use my gift certificates. I always tell myself I need to ration them and get use out of them at least until July--but I never make it that long!

  3. Happy birthday! And, happy reading. You can always do like I do and ask for bookstore gift cards for Christmas. Then you can use them over time. Sure, they laugh at me and give me a hard time,but I'm happy.

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Happy Birthday a bit late! What wonderful stuff you got. I'm coveting the Margaret Atwood book :)

  5. What a nice birthday pile! I am envious of the Proust book! You must be sure to share some of the juicy gossip only Proust's maid could know!

  6. Thanks, everyone.

    I decided after I watched Celeste a couple weeks ago that I simply had to have the Proust memoir. I'm looking forward to it.

    And to the Atwood, and all the rest. I now have NO HOLDS at the library and without a due date to dictate my reading selections I'm having trouble deciding which ones to read first.

  7. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Happy Birthday!! Nice stack of books, too! I can't wait to learn what you thought of Thirteen Moons as I've heard so many good things about it. Happy reading to you! :-b

  8. Happy Birthday! Such a nice stack of books. I'm curious as to your interest in the geology of Utah's parks and monuments? And I see you have another book about the lives of rocks. And then there's the Hiway 12 book. Are you generally interested in geology or only that of Utah? I live in Utah, myself, so that's why I'm asking.

  9. The Lives of Rocks is actually a short story collection. :) I love Rick Bass.

    I've gone to Utah the last two Octobers to ride horses/camp with friends. We rode in the San Rafael Swell last year and on Boulder Mountain last month (a post and pictures on this year's trip are still pending since I still don't have all the pics). We go with outfitters out of Torrey.

    I've become interested in geology since going to Utah and thought a geology text on the parks would be fun (and they had this particular one at the bed and breakfast we stayed in in Torrey the night we came down the mountain). And since we drove across Highway 12 both trips but couldn't stop due to time restraints, a book seemed the next best thing.

    Where do you live?

  10. Great gifts! Hope your birthday was enjoyable.

    My family always knows to give me books and/or gift cards. They complain that I am not very original with my gift requests but I am always very excited to get new books.

    Happy reading.

  11. What a great haul! Happy birthday!!

  12. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Happy Birthday! What are you reading first?

  13. Right now I'm reading the latest Francine Prose, which I got in September. ;)

    From the birthday stack, I'm leaning toward The Echo Maker first, but my father-in-law has already finished Thirteen Moons and is dying for someone to discuss it with, so I ought to read that next. . .but I kind of want to wait until the dead of winter to read it. So I don't know. How can I possibly choose without a due date?

  14. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Great pic, I think it would make a great post to get fellow readers to post their stack pics ! Re. deciding which to read first, why not present the list to a friend or relative and which ever one(s) they would like to borrow from you when you have finished start with those first.


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