Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Five Things About Me

It seems silly to do the Five Things About Me meme when I did a Thirteen Things About Me earlier in the month, but all I happen to be reading at the moment is Indiana, which I can't talk about yet, and I'm still too lazy to work on the write-ups for the three RIP Challenge books I owe reports on or for Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Do you know that there are already people coming to the blog searching for the Cliff's Notes to Special Topics in Calamity Physics? I don't get it; it was just published in August. Can it already be required reading for a class? Do they want an explanation for the chapter titles or is it the exam at the end that they're looking for answers to? Maybe all they want is a summary so they can pretend they've read it. But why?

Listen up, such people: you'll get no answers here. This blog prides itself on providing no useful information to those who are reading because they have to. Your teacher doesn't care what I think.

Ahem. Five things.

1. Yesterday was pages turned's second birthday and my 47th. One of us is very old and needs more exercise. My party will be on Sunday (I'm expecting lots of books for presents), but we celebrated yesterday by going out to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant. And then we came home and watched the first act in the Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet.

2. I am told that my sense of humor is dry and rather dark. An insightful friend once told me that my face does not match my sense of humor and that is why my wisecracks can be regarded as serious statements by those who don't know me well. When I was in high school I had to have a small cyst removed from my cheek. I covered the one stitch with a tiny bandage. The cutest guy in our class (a snare drummer who had never spoken to me before) asked me why I had a bandage on my cheek. I told him I had cut myself shaving. He backed away with a scared look on his face and never spoke to me again. I already knew he was dumb; why did I think he'd get my attempt at a joke?

3. My husband and I once belonged to a square dance club. I expect if we were to ever move back to my hometown that we'd rejoin. Square dancing is dorky, but fun.

4. I am not the least bit afraid of spiders or snakes, but I cannot abide roaches and ticks literally give me nightmares. I have felt sick to my stomach since unexpectedly encountering this at Snail's Tales. (Snails I love).

5. I don't eat red foods.


  1. My sense of humor works as a filter. I amuse myself, and anyone else who is amused is a potential friend.

    Square dancing, and most other folk dancing, is for doing, feels wonderful. Looks a bit dumb, but that is not the point, really.

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Happy (belated) birthday to you and your blog!

    I'm wondering if the Cliff's Notes thing is related to the website? There is a graphic of a Cliff's Notes (it's a really fun site) and maybe some gullible people think that there really is one and start Googling...

  3. "Unfortunately in life there are no shortcuts."

    Oh, that's a hoot. Thanks for the link, Diana. That explains everything.

    And Zhoen, I agree. These days I like anyone who gets my sense of humor. Life's too short.

  4. Happy birthday! I think your blog gets plenty of exercise.

  5. Happy Birthday Susan!

    Just curious, was there a red food incident in your youth that turned you off?


  6. Happy birthday! Yeah, that tick was pretty awful. I don't know why I clicked over, actually. What did I think I was going to find? Now that I think about it, that's pretty funny.

  7. Oh, Isabella, if I could only get the blog on the treadmill on a regular basis. . .

    Chrissy, I don't remember traumatic red food incidents but maybe I've repressed them. ;) I do remember that I dreamed only in red when I was pre-school age.

    Dorothy, I wondered who would actually click over! Now I know. :)

    And thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone.

  8. Ah, Blogger comments are finally working again. I tried earlier but kept getting a come back later message. Any who...

    Happy birthday twice over!

    Ticks freak me out too but I couldn't help go look. At least it's not a big fat one full of blood!

  9. Happy belated birthday from me, too.

    I'm trying to imagine life without red foods: no tomatoes, no sweet bell peppers, no Twizzlers, no strawberries or cherries... I couldn't do it!

  10. Happy belated birthday! Too funny.

  11. Anything sweet should taste like chocolate. And I'm allergic to tomatoes. :)

    Thanks, Stefanie, Renee and LK.

  12. Happy Birthday!!!!


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