Saturday, September 23, 2006

I bought a book today! During my trip to the bookstore last weekend, I spotted Ann Radcliffe's The Italian, a book I added to my wishlist when Dorothy touted the merits of 18th century lit several weeks ago.

But when I revisited The Italian on my wishlist after I got home, I discovered--gasp!-- that it was out of stock, and I presumed, out of print. Ought I pick it up on my next trip to the mall in spite of my decision not to stockpile?

Which is exactly what I did this afternoon when I had to venture out to buy golf balls. Fortunately, I didn't wind up having to put any developing virtues to the test. The Italian is a perfect book for the R.I.P. Challenge, as it's a Gothic romance. I intend to settle in for an atmospheric evening of "supernatural and nightmarish horrors" with assassins seeking sanctary and demonic monks inflicting torture very shortly. Maybe I'll take a slight detour into the Glass Slipper saloon of Warlock at some point in the evening since a gunfight appears nigh.

But, before I do, what is it they say about karma?

The Italian is, of course, now showing as being in stock at Amazon.


  1. I hope you enjoy The Italian! It should be a lot of fun.

  2. I just chose the Italian to read after I finish up a few books I'm in the middle of! Yay for gothic lit!

  3. This is one on my 'to read' list. It sounds like the kind of gothic goodness I am looking for.


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