Sunday, July 31, 2011

Contemporary Lit

by Wendy

What if writers texted their words
lol omg
Would we remember them?

What if Hemingway were a waterman
shucking oysters instead of words
setting aside the good ones
to slide Chesapeake damp down our throats
to the sound of open shells falling on open shells

And what if Frost had owned a GPS
to map the road not taken

Would he have taken it?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. WMK,
    I enjoyed your humor in this poem. I relate to the first part because, there has been numerous occasions that i wanted to write "lol" or "idk" in one of my essays.

    -Katie ENG1020-91388

  3. Meredith4:05 PM

    Totally love this poem (seeing as this is my third attempt in commenting) haha. I think your twist on modern day slang and classic poetry is enrapturing. This poem immediately captured my attention. Awesome jod! :)

    Meredith, ENG-1020, 91388

  4. Amanda-913888:51 PM

    I do wonder whether Frost would have taken the road if he had, had GPS. If the road was mapped then it probably would have been taken already so i highly dounbt Frost would have. If so then my mother would probably not use the phrase "take the road less traveled, you will appreciate your accomplishments more". Great use of modernization on great classics.

    Amanda- Eng-1020-91388

  5. Danielle-ENG1020-913887:55 PM

    If writers texted there words, I doubt that they would hold much value. Just like if things weren't questioned, we may never think deeper on Hemingway and Frost. Sometimes it's good to ask "what if." I enjoyed this poem. It was Very insightful. "lol"

  6. Heather 1020-913888:56 AM

    Great Questions! This poem really made sense to me. Technology and slang have really come into how we view the world today. I mean, just look at how it was 50 years or so ago they all maps and now a days we have GPS and I don't know if I would take that road. I guess its one of those what if questions.

  7. Great Poem, really makes you think! It just goes to show how questioning things can open up another level of thinking, or even a discovery of something different. So i will depart with this question.....What if he had not questioned if the world was really flat? Would we never had discovered it was round?


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