Friday, December 31, 2010

December's new books

Truth be told, I didn't get any books for Christmas--just a single gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, which has already been spent, on a Chatham County Line cd and Bruce Duffy's The World as I Found It (not pictured).

Oh, but the Andrea Levy on the top of the stack which I ordered back in November didn't make an appearance in the mailbox until Christmas eve afternoon when I was frantically wrapping gifts, so its festive-red self wound up in a box with a pair of socks under the tree somehow, but didn't actually count.

The newbies are:

Small Island. Andrea Levy

Nightmare Alley. William Lindsay Gresham

Consider the Lobster. David Foster Wallace

God on the Rocks. Jane Gardam

Genesis. Stephen Mitchell, translator.

Since the photo op, I've also received Marcel Proust's Days of Reading and Charles Portis's first novel Norwood. I've pre-ordered Karen Russell's Swamplandia!, due out in February, and I'm going to do my level best not to order any more books between now and then. No, really!

I'm shoehorning everything in here at the blog at the last--I've got a couple more posts, including my yearly reading stats and my favorites, that I'll be working on between now and bed tonight--but right now I need to go take more cold medicine and determine if there's any way we can get the downstairs cleaned up in time for my son's birthday-eve party tonight (do all January 1sters wind up celebrating the night before?).

I'm enjoying everyone's end of the year posts!


  1. Is that a new translation of the book of Genesis? I read his translation of Gigamesh recently. It was quite good.

  2. My son and I both loved the Mitchell trans. of Gilgamesh.

    This translation of Genesis came out in 1996. Mitchell translated it before participating in Bill Moyers' PBS series on Genesis.

    I somehow missed the Mitchell trans (although I have the Moyers book) until I saw it mentioned on the Lifetime Reading Plan blog not too long ago.

  3. I've had Consider the Lobster on my shelf for YEARS. I need to crack the spine soon ;)


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