Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And then there was a flash of light

So I got up this morning, turned on the computer, and it exploded.

Or rather, there was a flash and then a big nothing that wouldn't stop.

L. suspects the motherboard. I suspect I won't be finishing my BBAW post for today later this evening since our other computer has issues involving internet connections: it's opposed.

Feel free to go to Terri's blog and read my interview with her. I admitted to being a commie slacker, among other things. 

Now I have to go to a meeting.



  1. a big nothing that wouldn't stop...what a good way to put it, being disconnected. I had no power for 9 days during the first BBAW, which is probably part of the reason I've tried to play so nicely since.

  2. Oh no! Hope the computer is back up and running soon!


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