Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have decided to vent my spleen by embarking on a series of books that, I hope, will be of no interest whatsoever to the readership of this magazine.

--Nick (He's back!) Hornby, The Believer

Be so glad, constant readers, that I have not been blogging these last many days. I have been in a pissy little mood and I have spared you all the ill effects of that. There have been changes afoot at work--Superdesk-size me!-- and my six-word memoir has not been out of my mind in weeks; let's leave it at that.

So the passive-aggressiveness of reading books no one else would be interested in and blogging about them appeals to me enormously.

If only the people who deserve such treatment read my blog--I'd know just how to handle them.

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