Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New books

I only bought one of these! The rest are for tours or reviews or, gasp, my birthday!

Small Beneath the Sky. Lorna Crozier. A memoir by a Canadian poet for a tour next month. I may find myself dipping into this one during the Readathon this weekend.

Howards End is On the Landing. Susan Hill. The one I bought. I preordered it back in July. I'm hoping it will provide encouragement next year when I really need to read from home, instead of buying books at a merry clip. Because if we move for my husband's new job (he's got employment!), I going to need to weed what I already own anyway.

Things We Didn't See Coming. Steven Amsterdam. A galley of nine connected stories set in a dystopian world. I'm trying to wait until closer to the publication date before I dive in, but I'm really looking forward to starting this collection.

The Greatest Show on Earth. Richard Dawkins. A birthday present. Dawkins was in town last week, but I didn't learn he was coming until after tickets were sold out. Bummer.

The Year of the Flood. Margaret Atwood. Another birthday present.

Wolf Hall. Hilary Mantel. I won this from Frances at Nonsuch Book. Thank you, Frances! I'm a huge Mantel fan and I'm glad she won the Booker.


  1. I just won Wolf Hall today also. I'm so looking forward to it. Your Susan Hill books I'd like too...LOL enjoy all of them.

  2. I am dying to read Wolf Hall! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it!

  3. Congrats on the employment. Does this mean I'll have an opportunity to give you some grits?

    I'm excited about the Susan Hill book.

  4. Kaethe, I hope so! He was one of the first hired at the new DB in Cary, just a contract position starting out, though, but I should start being down your way in the next few weeks to check out his per diem digs. And I'll have to eat while I'm there, right?

    Diane, glad you won a copy, too! Lisa, I'm dying to read the Mantel as well, but it's so big and I'm a little afraid it's going to be like her French Revolution book--meaning I'm going to have trouble following it if I'm not careful. I want a dedicated chunk of time to devote to it.

  5. Fun pile. I just got my copy of Howards End IOTL yesterday and am still waiting for my Atwood.

  6. Nice stack of books! congrats on your husband's new job. I hope you don't have to move, just the thought of weeding through books to move makes me anxious.

  7. Susan, I'm so glad to hear about your husband's new work. Best wishes to both of you!

    Finished Marsden's Hamlet two nights ago (per your recommendation). Loved it.

    The Atwood is already on my shelves, and Wolf Hall is en route. My TBR pile finally got so overwhelming (again!) that Mr. M-mv bought me another bookcase. Every book is now filed, and space was left for those I preordered (e.g., the new Tyler and Irving). After those arrive, though (and, yes, I know I've said this before), I must limit myself to books purchased with gift cards and associate earnings. It's such a simple way to cut back, and I already own more than I could read in two lifetimes. I've got to get real, especially since we had to buy a new car months earlier than I had hoped. We're also planning/saving for a family vacation in San Diego (when Master graduates boot). So... I must. stop. buying. books.

    That said, the review copy of short stories on your pile looks great. Let us know how it is.


  8. Gasp! Happy birthday!

  9. I'm looking forward to Year of the Flood but am hoping to read Oryx and Crake first.

  10. I read Year of the Flood just this week. I really liked it, actually. Enjoy your new books!

  11. Wolf Hall sounds marvelous. Can't wait to get it myself.


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