Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not a particularly interesting story

Can I say you punched me? I ask.

Can I say it taught you a lesson and you're going to shape up? he asks.

Thwarted, I'm stuck with the truth: I rubbed my poor allergy-ridden eye and its environs so hard during the night that I gave myself the black eye.

The only cure for that is a free reading day, I suppose.


  1. Any excuse for a reading day!!! I like it.

  2. I feel your allergy pain! But I come offering material for that free reading day - you are a winner of a copy of Wolf Hall in my BBAW giveaway. Please email me a mailing address? Congrats!

  3. Much sympathy. My doctor prescribed some allergy eye drops called Patanol that help me so I don't get to that far!


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