Monday, June 22, 2009

Latest batch of books

I ordered Dawn Powell's Dance Night last week for the Slaves of Golconda group read at the end of August and it hasn't arrived yet; otherwise, I'm not expecting any book packages until the new Lorrie Moore's published in September.

Paul Yoon's Once the Shore. (My favorite cover and one that squares perfectly with Lisa at Mappa Mundi's terrifically moving last Readerville the-sky-is-the-new-shoes post: Still Looking Up.)

Kay Boyle's Plagued by the Nightingale. (My last Readerville-inspired purchase. Sniff.)

Michael Dirda's Classics for Pleasure. (Because the libraries around here incredibly enough don't have it.)

The Writer's Notebook: Craft Essays from Tin House (A review copy including the likes of Rick Bass, Dorothy Allison, Antonya Nelson, Chris Offutt, etc. I was very happy to receive this.)

Alice Munro's Selected Stories (Took a risk bringing this home from the used bookstore, but there's less overlap with the Munro I already owned than I expected, so yay.)

Russell H. Greenan's It Happened in Boston?. (Recommened by N., who is a big Greenan fan. Plus, Anne Tyler blurbed it.)

Nicholson Baker's The Mezzanine. (Because I didn't already own it, and should have.)

Cees Nooteboom's In the Dutch Mountains (Because the last Nooteboom I read was gloriously weird.)

Alasdair Gray's Lanark (Because the people who read this usually just rave about it.)

Kate Atkinson's Behind the Scenes at the Museum (Because I didn't already own it, and should have.)

Nina Vida's The Texicans (A review copy that I'm very much looking forward to.)

Tess Callahan's April and Oliver (More shore than horizon on the cover of this one, but still lovely.)

Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Angel's Game. (An ARC, reviewed last week)

And freshly loaded on the Kindle:

Kate Walbert's A Short History of Women (Lots of excitement for this one in the Book Balloon forums.)


Ninni Holmqvist's The Unit (Because of all the buzz on the blogs already about this one.)


  1. I was in line at the library for April and Oliver, but I decided to just write the title down and wait (am trying to cut my library books down a bit like you and concentrate on my own books). Looks like a very respectable stack of books. I wonder if I could get to September without buying anymore?! I doubt it.

  2. Oh my goodness! I've been on vacation the last few weeks and I've been buying books like a book-obsessed woman (which I am).

    I have no idea how many books I've bought, read, and given away in the last few weeks.

    This must stop.

  3. It seems like summer is the time to go crazier with book buying than usual. I have a ton of books I've won, bought, or swapped. I have The Writer's Notebook on my wish list.

    Happy reading!


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