Friday, March 27, 2009

Whistling past the graveyard

We'll just pretend I never said anything about making it till May to buy books, okay? That lofty aspiration was made before everyone started listing their favorite Persephone titles and well before we found out L. will be sans job the end of next month. It'll be easier to face the Austerity Budget from Hell with well-stocked bookcases--or so I tell myself now, before trading in my Amazon certificates for shipments of oatmeal and peanut butter becomes downright appealing.

(Insert delicate shudder here)

Dorothy Whipple's Someone at a Distance

Emma Smith's The Far Cry

Rachel Ferguson's Alas, Poor Lady

Richmal Crompton's Family Roundabout

Vere Hodgson's Few Eggs and No Oranges

Andrew Crumey's Mobius Dick

Shale Aaron's Virtual Death

Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus

Muriel Spark's All the Stories of Muriel Spark

George Gissing's Sleeping Fires

Gil Adamson's The Outlander

Hazel Rowley's Christina Stead


  1. Nice stack of books you have there. Hopefully, the economy will pick up sooner rather than later. My husband's job is pretty secure, but unfortunately mine isn't. Oh well, I have plenty of books to keep my mind off things. Enjoy your reading!

  2. Think of it as helping the economy. If people don't get out there and start spending some money nothing is going to move forward. And I for one won't say anything--everytime I say I'm not going to buy any books, people just laugh at me. Lovely Persephones (Richmal Crompton is a favorite!!!) and I've got all the others you have except Few Eggs, which I am telling myself I don't need to buy as my library owns it--non Persephone edition--though I'm sure I'll give in eventually. I think I need to read Dorothy Whipple next.

  3. I read the Stead bio a few years ago and got very interested in her stuff. Sorry that job problems have struck at your house.

  4. You almost made it! A lovely stack of books. Sorry to hear about L. Hopefully a new job will materialize soon.

  5. Have you ever read "My Life As A Small Boy" by Wally Cox?

    'Tis most amusing.

  6. I have a book buying problem myself. I just tell myself, "At least I don't drink." I figure there are a lot worse habits I could have.


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