Thursday, August 09, 2007

Too hot to blog

The car's thermometer reached 109 degrees on the drive home from work and it feels nearly as hot here in the upstairs study. I'll be downstairs reading Faulkner until things cool off a bit.


  1. Lemonade and a fan. Ugh.

  2. Way too hot to blog for those of us with laptops! Didn't know my legs would sweat tears underneath it!

    Would you be reading A Light in August? :D

  3. Oh, that would be too perfect, wouldn't it? With a glass of lemonade on the side? I'm reading The Unvanquished, which contains a lot more humor than I'd expected.

    One more day of triple digit heat and then we're supposed to get a break. . .

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    We are going to be in the triple digits for the next few days and then it will cool off to the mid-90s. It's disgustingly hot in my computer room, too. That's also where my treadmill is. I suffer my 45 minutes walking, making the room too hot to bear and then can't make myself sit in there to use the computer. I'll also be finding somewhere cool to read this weekend. I'm hoping to finally get through the last 100 pages of Don Quixote. Stay cool.

  5. What a summer! Here in our portion of the South, it is just beginning to get to the high 90's...we are usually there in June or July, but this year it rained, keeping the temps down but humidity up. I'm ready for fall...

    Enjoy the Faulkner!


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