Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A few quick links

I take it for granted that dogs and mums and dads and children and people who have been children and the whole of the rest of everything will die and this will frequently be sudden and insupportable and unfair and in the end I'll join them and I am not even remotely in favor of that, but also I choose not to think of it unless I am over-tired and lack the strength to fight it back. I don't want my existence to seem impractical, unlikely. Plus, I can't deal properly with other people when all I feel is sorry they'll being leaving fairly soon and sad so many unimportant things are so distracting.

The narrator in A. L. Kennedy's "Family With Young Children" receives a series of late-night phone calls from a stranger.

The Morning News has listed the roster of books for its second Tournament of Books. Long may the rooster crow!

Jane Smiley's List of 100 Novels, from 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel, is now on-line. (via Diana)

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