Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I was so bored at work last night--it's spring break, I'm alone in holding down the fort at our desk, sometimes I could just smack A.S. Byatt--that I resorted to that act of extreme vanity and/or paranoia to which I'm not typically inclined: I googled my name.

Does Google place phone numbers and email addresses first automatically? Considering just how common my name is, I was very surprised to have my work info achieve first billing; I can't imagine that anyone would be out there actually searching for that. I was gratified, however, to see that I managed two other spots near the top of the first page: my bio from a literary journal (you'd have to order a copy to actually get to read my story) and a link to my cough-cough fanfic.

The other SFPs for the most part weren't too awfully dissimilar to me: they work as media specialists, high school English teachers, journalists. They may play the viola instead of the clarinet or the guitar, but even so, they grew up in the next town over from me. They may publish religious poetry instead of poems that talk about what happens in heaven after God's death, but they're definitely interested in writing.

And speaking of writing, I may have finished another chapter yesterday. I need to give it a day or two before deciding if I skip a line before continuing with the next bit, or open a new file.

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