Sunday, March 08, 2015

"One last story left to tell. . ."

Inspiration up and left you? Writer's block getting you down? Burnout aggrieving your soul? Singer/songwriter Radney Foster's been there and put it to song.

L. and had a great time at Radney's show at the Double Door Inn here in Charlotte Friday night and his "Whose Heart You Wreck (Ode to the Muse)" was one of the highlights for us--I was thrilled that my video of this one turned out. And I got an autograph and a picture taken with Radney afterwards!

But alas and alack, while I was able to upload the video to Facebook, Blogger say the file is too large to upload here. (Really? Not enough space for a single song?)  Sigh.  So here's Radney Foster singing "Ode to a Muse" somewhere else back in 2013.

(Mine was better grumble grumble.)


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Sometimes when I have a spell of writer's block I go to this website and randomly read the short story masterpieces:

    I am reminded that life lessons is what it is all about. - Peter

  2. Radney Foster! So happy for you, but there is that smidgeon of envy. Okay, it's more than a smidgeon. Can you blame me?

  3. I am elated that you know who he is, Susan! I've been getting blank looks from EVERYONE and it's been making me nuts.


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