Monday, August 18, 2008

It seems like a lifetime ago. . .

my daughter went to school--first one, and then another--and my son stayed home with me. Or went to preschool, where he majored in Power Rangers, the original crew. And outside the Power Rangers obsession, which got on my nerves, there were plenty of books and dinosaurs, so life, basically, was good.

And then my son started kindergarten, and for one glorious year both attended the same school (my daughter's third).

And then my son switched schools and my daughter stayed put for another year, and time sped up and now my daughter's gone and graduated from college--"with distinction," as it says on the diploma mailed here earlier in the month--and the straight A torch has been passed on to her brother, who's the only one in the family starting a new semester today, when, clearly, both ought to be in back in class.

Someone needs to go to grad school before things start getting a bit too weird around here.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    What beautiful children you have!

  2. Great-looking kids!

    But yeah, it's so weird how they just keep getting older. In less than three weeks mine will be old enough for me to take him out for a drink legally. Although, given all that good mothering and white hair over the years, maybe he'd better take me out for one.

  3. My son is very much into Power Rangers now- Amazing how long those guys have been around.

    Your children are beautiful.

  4. I just recently found out that the Power Rangers are still around. The horror! I feel for you, Lisa.

    And thanks, everyone. I think they're kind of cute myself. :)

  5. Nothing like getting the power rangers theme song stuck in your head while you're at work!

  6. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Yay for another Carolina grad! I see a little bit of Bell Tower in the background....

    Any chance of convincing R. to go to SILS? ;)

  7. Yep, she refused to go to the actual graduation, which worked out since it poured all through the ceremony, so we just took a few quick shots when we came out of the departmental hoohah in Dey. (And if you study the background in the first picture you can see a pug peeking out the window. :) )

    I can't even convince her to take the GRE this fall, let alone decide on a school, although she did say she wouldn't mind if I bought her a study guide.

    She has three possible areas of study that she can't decide between (among?) and she said a couple weeks back if McCain won the election she might opt to study in Europe--with the dollar so weak we'll never get her home if she does that. . .

  8. Congratulations on another milestone. I've just sent my last one off to college -- quite traumatic for me. But, I won't get turned around good before I'll be snapping pictures of him at his college graduation. Time does fly!

  9. Where is he going, Lisa? Do you think he'll come home for the weekend very often?

    Yes, time does fly. The only time it didn't was between the hours of 4 and 6 when they were babies and I was waiting at the door for my husband to get home so that I could go for a walk by myself and not go totally insane.


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