Friday, December 22, 2006

While visions of mousies danced in their heads. . .

If you don't mind I think I'll categorize the following shots as Christmas miracles.

It's easy to get pictures of Claudius and Nicholson together, and Nicholson and Ellie can be found hanging out together at the food dish, but it's nearly impossible to get Claudius and Ellie in the same frame since he hightails it whenever she approaches. (He can't let go of the idea that she might still turn out to be dangerous.)

Which is a shame, because I can tell she really really likes him.


  1. My husband is allergic to cats so we can't have any, but I do enjoy visiting other people's cats. Have a lovely holiday!

  2. Relationships do take time.

    Lovely creatures.

  3. I love cats and cat pictures! I have two cats myself, both of them black. So far, Pain and Nihil haven't given me any bad luck...though Pain, at at almost three years old, hasn't really matured all that much. In fact, she's like a dog trapped in a cat's body: she drinks out of the toilet, plays fetch, plays in water (especially when I get out of the shower), loves meeting people, and still humps the floor. (I should've broken that habit when she started, but I thought she'd grow out of it.) And she hasn't yet realized that she's too big to be sitting on my shoulder like she used to.

    Such is the life of a cat!

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    What a sweet picture! Since it is cold here now, I have extra blankets folded up at the end of the bed and mine think they are especially for them and get disgusted and walk off when I take one of the blankets for me--how dare I???

    Have a Merry Christmas and all the jazz! :)

  5. We used to have two cats who rarely would even agree to be on opposite ends of the same couch. It had to be really cold for them to snuggle together. The cats we have now are sister and brother so they're snuggly.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  6. I'd like to wish you and your family happy holidays!

  7. Thanks and happy holidays to all of you, too!

  8. Those lolligagging cats are soooooooo putting me to sleep here!
    Truly gorgeous.

  9. Love a Cat person.
    I have two of my own and it's a rare occasion to see them sleeping close together. Happy New Year!


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