Sunday, May 07, 2006

The 111th Carnival of the Cats

Welcome to the 111th Carnival of the Cats. Claudius, Ellie, and Nicholson wish all cats a pleasant week with their photo-crazy humans and extend special birthday greetings to Kamir at So Many Books, who celebrated his sweet 16th on Friday, Rhett at No Deep Thoughts, who celebrated his second on the same day, and to Jack, at Book Puddle, who turned six last Monday.

The Robot Vegetable happens upon Houdini "enthroned in the about-to-be mown."

Henry proves he has the chops to be the ultimate power in the hemisphere, reports Blueberry.

Boo displays catitude; Debra documents the occurrence.

Shhh! Sasha's napping and Kimberly's snapping.

From Flightless in Cape Town comes this photo of Truly Scrumptious.

Sebastian and Yaffa send dirty looks from Furry Paws: don't take our picture when we're being super cute!

SRP captures Nicky keeping an eye on the world.

Look, Claudie! Another Russian blue! Barnikle is having a Furry Sunday with Nik and Barney.

Joybell chases a mouse; Adam shares the video.

Tinker takes a nap on the mantle underneath Michael's Otsuka painting.

Dream Dancer adopts Brigit from an animal shelter. Hope you enjoy your new home, Brigit!

Patricia, the Mad Goat Lady, presents Miss Electra, clawing her way to the top now that she's been rescued from the pound.

Gratuitous Siofra pictures, according to Julie, but how can anyone resist either taking them or viewing them?

"While the rest of the family was rushing about preparing for the weekend," David says, "Sherman snuck quietly back into bed. I discovered him several hours later and took a few shots for my Friday cat-blogging subject."

Kimberly captures Riley and Blossom in various spots through their home.

Pixel gets all cute and snuggly with a patchwork quilt and then does her duty as a foot warmer. Smudge gets a belly rub. Thanks for sharing, Romeocat.

Jack provides a photo "in which Judge (the big black one) and Boo (the tiny white one) work out the intricacies of why burying a cat is a great idea and a whole lot of fun (or not)."

Kiri discovers packing tape! Clare Eats snaps the shot!

Beezer is bribed by LHK.

Mr. Gato doesn't mind if he travels as excess baggage if it means he gets to go to California with Barry.

Martin showcases Morris' new hobby, gardening.

Judith discovers that Velvet has a penchant for jewelry.

Anjill presents the new guy kitten picture, plus many more.

Marissa-Cat encounters a shrew; Ayden hopes it recovers.

Mycah prefers the polo box to the polo shirt Russ thoughtfully provided for her.

Sophia types a message to her special person, Sue tells us.

Even a kitten as adorable as Wicket qualifies as a terrorist if he uses you as a human scratching post, Carry reports.

ACM catches Yogi baking herself senseless in the sun.

Kamikazee is shocked that Jelly thinks he ought to go on a diet.

Ellison swears there's a RFOAC buried somewhere in this post. . . See also, the International Kitty of Mystery.

Daniel spots a visitor on his deck.

Kat encounters a stray.

Chocolate Chip begs for cheese, Peaches reports.

JT disturbs Pearl's nap for a extended photo shoot. No wonder she's grumpy!

Blame it on "les chats sauvages." Aloysius does. And remember, a tuna is a tuna no matter what language you speak in.

Mog shares Kitties Meet Birds; Pure Comfort; Little Pest; Heating Up; and Kitty Movie Monday.

Leigh provides a gorgeous close-up of Anastasia.

Beautiful beasties go a-gardening with leucanthemum b.

Tommy's diet Coke is claimed by a kitty who knows that licking something makes it yours.

Don't know what tri-noodled means? Zuleme explains this very important cat-blogging word with a lap-full of assistance.

Rahel's Missy discovers the truth behind slightly reworked proverbs.

Butterscotch exhibits 60 seconds worth of patience; Mensa Barbie gets the shot.

Maruschka is totally hypnotized by the insect activity outside. Rosa tells us she goes bananas as all those potential "flying snacks" make her lustfully hunger...

Yikes! KeeWee startles her kitty.

Thalia watches a wrestling match between Jackie and Pedie, Jeff captures the events.

Julie says Smoke has been helping with the spring cleaning.

Huckleberry smolders with Tabby sensuality, Wes says, while Bagheera gives us a regal look.

Prayer meeting time and an Ivy update from John.

Tagg the Maine Coon and Tessa the Poodle, sharing secrets. From To the Hilt.

Musery loves company.

Cats Church and Snowball and hardwood floors, from Josh.

Masters of the lap dance, from Elizabeth.

Valerie reports that Tigger takes guarding the door very seriously.

Niobium captures Tom and takes him to the vet.

Mr. Toast gives an update on Lewis.

K T Cat's friend photographs Ramses, just back from a bird hunt.

R.I.P, Pash. Condolences, Judy.

SB at Watermark will be hosting next week's Carnival. We'll conclude this carnival with Boo and Spike demonstrating how cats socialize. Let us know in comments if we've messed up any links or libeled any cats!

Monday Morning Additions to the Carnival:

Laura Lee shares how Captain and Sabby snubbed her after she returned from a two-day trip.

C. Ann leash-trains Mojo.

Josh provides info on animal cruelty and provides a petition to China.

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