Sunday, June 29, 2008

Read-a-thon Update the Seventh


There's no way I'll finish it before the read-a-thon ends, but I'm now reading Inger Ash Wolfe's The Calling, a book about a serial killer that I'd have started last night if I hadn't been sidetracked by the new Dufresne.

Inger Ash Wolfe is a pseud for a "North American literary novelist," presumably a Canadian one. Figuring out The Calling's author has become a recent parlor game at Readerville. Last week someone linked to an Alice Munro interview which didn't rule out her switching to another genre of writing. The main character's name is Micallef--an anagram of Alice M F, possibly? Munro kept her first husband's name to write under, but her second husband's name starts with an F. Of course, she's known more for short stories than novels anyway.

Seventh reading update:

Inger Ash Wolfe's The Calling. 62 pages

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  1. Books about serial killers always creep me out. :) Congrats on all your reading! We're so close now: down to the last minutes. :D


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