Monday, June 02, 2008

Mourning dove

This little fella was practically underfoot yesterday afternoon while I hung out laundry (our heat pump died on Saturday, and I'll not be running the dryer until we have air conditioning once again) and he helped L. water the plants in the front yard in the evening.

Today he was m.i.a. and I worried about him, especially after I saw the hawk scoping out the back yard on one of his fly-overs--he's reduced many an adult dove to a dusting of feathers who should have had more of a sense of caution about him than this little one has had a chance to develop.

Finally, well after supper, I spotted him doing that little head bob that he does back in the woods.


Now, if Ellie would just be a better sport about having to stay inside. . .


  1. Heh. It's good for cats to stay in. Builds character.

  2. Ellie does not look happy about being behind that screen! My cats love open windows but they go nuts when other stray cats wander by--outdoor envy no doubt!

  3. I saw a bird that looks just like that on my laundry line this morning! Do they have that much of a range, or is mine sadly lost? (he did look a little confused)

  4. It was probably some other type of dove, Ella. Aren't they very common in the Middle East? I think mourning doves are strictly North American.

    He's still in the back yard as of this morning. All the other birds--we've got tons of parental units taking care of youngsters out there-- take to the air when I go out there, but he just walks away bobbing his head.

  5. Oh, and Ellie says she'd much rather be happy than have character any old day!


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