Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy eighth birthday, Readerville!


I love book forums. I love message boards that contain book folders or book threads. Because I spend so much of my day online, the opportunity to refresh a page and see brand new book recommendations or a wild frenzy of punning or an ongoing intelligent conversation has provided a dependable, nourishing break as I go about my work. Book bloggers don't post near often enough for my quotidian habits.

I love Readerville, which officially turns eight today. I've been there since it officially opened its gates and I appreciate greatly what Karen Templer has accomplished and permitted to develop. Thanks to Readerville, I've met some wonderful people, received many a free book, and spent countless online hours in the company of some of the best people out there (as well as a few who are, well, just out there). I often wish I weren't just as introverted in an online group as I am in a real life group since many are no doubt unaware that I'm there, nodding in agreement or edging away from a particular pontificator whose position I don't agree with and am tired of hearing repeated yet again, but a lot of people in real life haven't noticed I'm there either (invisibility has its benefits).

The Readerville forums are at a transitional stage right now. I hate for the place to change, but I know I'll be there regardless. I was nostalgic enough over the changes to find what I suppose to be my first Readerville post. It was made on June 20, 2000, in a Kate Atkinson discussion:

Human Croquet is my favorite of the three. Please don't be scared off by the magical realism and postmodernism designations. Last summer I insisted a Tom Clancy-loving friend HAD to read HC, and while she started out bitching and moaning, the book had her totally charmed once she quit her initial thrashing about.

Emotionally Weird isn't as good as the other two, but there are parts and characters I remember so fondly that I know I'll be reading it again. I love Atkinson's word play and how she's not afraid to take chances.

Huh. That was probably one of the longest posts I ever made there outside the inner mule post, which I reposted here.

Happy birthday, Readerville. And if you've never dropped by before, please do. You'll like the place.

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  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I've never heard of Readerville! I just stopped by based on this post, and it seems like a wonderful place. Thanks for the tip!


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