Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Poor Claudie. He has a uti.

Poor us. He let us know he wasn't feeling well by peeing all. over. the. sofa.


  1. Poor Claudie. Poor sofa. He doesn't look very happy in the photo but his eyes sure are pretty.

  2. I gave him a little lecture in the car--the next time he felt the need to communicate with us via peeing on the sofa to make sure he peed on the cats' sofa, not the humans--but he refused to promise me anything.

  3. I could look at his eyes long as my nose was plugged against the cat pee smell. Sending sympathy to all of you...including the sofa.

  4. Poor guy! Send him hugs from me. Bummer about the sofa. He is a terribly pretty boy though. I bet you forgive him quickly. :-)


  5. Poor Claudie. And poor you for having to clean the sofa!


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