Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The greedy pig edition

Actually, these represent the last three months of book purchases. I think I should now have the willpower to make it till August without getting twitchy.

Guard Your Daughters. Diana Tutton. (Dovegrey Reader-inspired)

The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam. Lauren Liebenberg. (Eve's Alexandria-inspired)

Know Nothing. Mary Lee Settle.

The Writing Class. Jincy Willet. Received it yesterday, finished it this morning. Loved, loved, loved it.

Maps and Legends. Michael Chabon

Blood and Milk. Sharon Solwitz.

Fall of Frost. Brian Hall

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. David Wroblewski (Readerville Journal-inspired; I'll take a book recommendation from Pat D. any day of the week)

The Quiet American. Graham Greene (Girl Detective read it for the same reason I intend to)

Ice Land. Betsy Tobin (Danielle-inspired) Have I mentioned we're hoping to go to Iceland next year?

Moo Pak. Gabriel Josipovici (Sandra raved over this one a year or so back; Stefanie raved about Josipovici much more recently)

When You Are Engulfed in Flames. David Sedaris. A birthday present for L. from R., but of course I want to read it, too. I bought tickets for us to see Sedaris this fall and the very next day L. received word that his class reunion will be taking place the same weekend. Eep.

Man Descending. Guy Vanderhaeghe

And for the Kindle, although I'm trying to read free classics on it for the most part: Julie Hecht's Happy Trails to You and George Saunders's The Braindead Megaphone (Dorothy-inspired).


  1. Oh, I hope you like Josipovici! I have acquired a copy of Moo Pak too. I can hardly wait to read it. On another note, my husband is thinking about getting a Kindle. He prefaced telling me about this by saying, "now don't get upset." Are you still enjoying it?

  2. Oh, I'd love it if he linked through me to buy one--I'd get three or four Kindle books free in return!

    Yes, I am enjoying it. Because of that stupid virus I had and couldn't get over I haven't been reading on the treadmill the way I'd hoped, but it's been fun reading on the Kindle curled up in a comfy chair. I started my third Elizabeth Gaskell on the Kindle today.

  3. Hope you make it to Iceland! We were lucky enough to live there for 2 years and it was beyond amazing! I want to go back and see all the stuff we missed on the other side of the island! A ring-road tour is the way to go! (The road that goes all the way around the island.)

  4. That's a great list of books! I'll have to get my hands on Moo Pak, as I've wanted to read it forever. I hope you enjoy the George Saunders.

  5. He's just thinking about it at the moment. He also wants an ipod so he can listen to audio books on the bus. He's got to decide which one he wants more since I'm sucking up all our extra income for school. If he has any questions, is it ok if he emails you? And if he decides on a Kindle I will encourage him to click to Amazon through your site :)

  6. I think I've been more of a greedy pig lately than you have. And I'm going to a library sale later, too...I see you've got several story collections here, which I need to note down as I want to read more of those. Lucky you to maybe go to Iceland--I so want to go someday, too!!

    Stefanie--If your husband is thinking of getting some sort of MP3 player to listen to audio books, he might want to do some research--iPods don't work with the sort of software that public libraries use for free audio books. Also tell him to look for one that has a bookmarking feature!! Someone gave me that advice, and I'm so glad I did as I'd be lost without having bookmarks on the machine--I don't know otherwise how audio book listeners keep their place when they stop listening. I love mine and listening on my walk to and from the bus stop (and sometimes on the bus as well!).

  7. Isn't the cover of the Chabon amazing?

  8. Please, please post your opinion of the Jincy Willett -- I read Jenny and the Jaws of Life years ago, adored it, and have been tapping my foot waiting for more ever since!

    I'm jealous of your pile. Yum.

  9. Thanks Danielle! I forgot about your mp3 buying experience. I will pass the info along.


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