Saturday, October 06, 2007

Water, water, every where (or, I amuse myself)

So when I added Margaret Drabble's The Sea Lady to my list of completed books last night and noticed Rebecca West's The Fountain Overflows burbling underneath, I thought an actual water cycle might make for some interesting reading. A quick scan of my shelves detected a veritable reservoir of books for quenching that thirst.

Gap Creek? Platte River? Buddenbrooks?

Should I finally get around to The Waves or The Falls? What about Three Men in a Boat or In the Wake?

Sandra would no doubt suggest I read The Thames next, but I might as well wade into the pool I already have instead of logjamming my reading until the Ackroyd's U.S. publication date.

Well, I suppose I could reread Ferris Beach or On the Beach or even The Sea, The Sea.

Or would that be going as overboard as my husband, who actually wished this morning for a hurricane to end the drought we're having?

At the moment I've settled on Lawrence's The Rainbow, but I'm finding it a little dry.

I obviously need some Water Wings.


  1. DeBlieu, Jan.
    Wind : how the flow of air has shaped life, myth, and the land / Jan DeBlieu.
    Imprint Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

  2. Oh, cool: an Outer Banks book. Thanks, zhoen!

  3. I like the idea of a water challenge. How about the four elements?

  4. It love it when I discover unintentional patterns in my reading. Lately, I've found myself reading "frosty" material (novels/essays set in or around Antarctica). Early subconscious preparation for winter perhaps.


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