Saturday, October 20, 2007

Read-a-thon Report No. 1

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The Turn of the Screw --in which a young governess goes completely, resoundingly, round the bend of a corkscrew trail. Last fall I assiduously turned my eyes from every review posted on this one; now I'll be seeking them out.

And I must now accept that I'm a terribly slow reader. Over the last three-and-a-half hours I've read only 97 pages. And I consumed three cups of coffee, one of which I managed to slosh over two books, a newspaper clipping, a Charles Darwin bobblehead, the end table and the floor. Call me Miss Grace. I am now switching to water.

I've just turned down a walk in the nature center. The guys are doing their best to make the readathon difficult.


  1. Just checking in with you while I take a break. I'm reading Lisey's Story and enjoying it.

  2. I wouldn't say that you're a terribly slow reader based on Henry James, lol. I read The Turn of the Screw in the summer, and I was disappointed. I expected something very different, however, so I think I'll give it another go one of these days. :) I'm impressed you started out w/ James; you're more hardcore than me! (I went with a YA fantasy novel w/ big print)

  3. I'm a slow reader, too, and I also overdid the coffee. I sure am typing fast now, though! I hope the guys enjoy the nature center. :)

  4. Act, they walked at the nature preserve.

    Yes, I'll blame that blunder on the coffee. :)

    Eva, I kept thinking about the brother and sister combo from Deadwood who were named after Miles and Flora, but who were so so different from their namesakes.