Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Under Your Spell Again

And a happy Dwight Yoakam's birthday to you! He certainly doesn't show his age in this Jay Leno clip from last week. And there's an interview at the end, too.



Sam Houston said...

I went to a Yoakam concert a couple of years ago...great seats right up front. I was awed by the man's ability to keep every female eyeball on him for 90 minutes. He had the same effect on the ladies that I imagine Elvis must have had. I've never seen anything like it.

SFP said...

He's absolutely incredible. My daughter used to like his music but would give me a hard time by saying, "But he's old." She quit saying that after she finally went to a concert with me two or three years back and we stood down front. :)

She just called this morning to say she'd already downloaded his new record. I'm still waiting for my Amazon delivery.