Saturday, October 20, 2007

Read-a-thon Report No. 3

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Since last checking in, I've read Tessa Hadley's short story "A Card Trick" (21 pages) and the title story from Christina Stead's The Puzzleheaded Girl (56 pages). The Hadley was rather forgettable, although it did contain a reference to Henry James (I wondered if I'd be haunted by James for the rest of the day), but the Stead was the type of story that makes me want to collect and read everything she's written.

I lucked upon the collection back in June at the bookstore across the street from Columbia; it's woefully out of print.


  1. Oohhh-with a compliment like that, now I want to track down a copy of The Puzzleheaded Girl. :)

  2. Lissa2:48 PM

    Doesn't that drive you crazy? You fall in love with something and it's out of print? I am really enjoying your updates, keep it up! :D

  3. I'm just discovering Stead myself and I'm feeling the same impulse as you to madly collect every bit of her writing that I can get my hands on...

  4. I also just discovered Stead � picked up Letty Fox, on impulse � and also wanting more. Tell us more about this one, Susan.


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