Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Segueing into Stead for Outmoded Authors

I came close this afternoon to committing myself to reading all of Christina Stead's works in order published just as soon as my Rebecca West project is finished. But after reading about her books in a literature database at the library, I realized I'd be happier reading the ones that interested me and deciding later if I wanted to try the ones that originally aroused no more than an "eh" reaction. So that means I'm game for at least ten novels and story collections at this point.

I used some of my birthday money this evening ordering used copies of her first novel, Seven Poor Men of Sydney (1935), and her first story collection, The Salzburg Tales (1934--published first, but written second), but since I've already rescued an armload of her books from compact shelving, I'll be reading from those for Outmoded Authors (and the Steads I already owned? They'll continue to wait patiently while I deal with the newcomers).

I still haven't decided whether I'll be reading The Little Hotel or For Love Alone--I have yet to make my bowl of pop corn and settle in to decide which book has the better opening--but I'll be spending the next couple hours with one or the other.

Daniel Deronda has the evening off.


  1. good luck with Stead...I'm in the middle of Letty Fox: Her Luck.

  2. Are you enjoying it? That's one I already own.

  3. She's very good at writing an irritating character, but then she drives it into the ground, and you end up hating Stead as well as the character. I'm in Part One and am hoping Part 2 will focus more on Letty and less on her dysfunctional family.


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