Sunday, November 18, 2007

These are the books that have come into our home. . .

since I quit buying books. The top three are ones I ordered prior to entering the three-month period of No New Books aka the Read From the Stacks Challenge and the bottom three are gifts.

The Salzburg Tales--Christina Stead's first published book, a collection of stories based on The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales.

Seven Poor Men of Sydney--Christina Stead's first published novel.

Last Night at the Lobster--Stewart O'Nan's latest.

Best American Essays 2007--A much-appreciated gift from Danielle.

Broken Trail--Alan Geoffrion's "thinking-man's Western." A freebie from KW, Readerville denizen.

Coyote Cowboy Poetry--an autographed collection of cowboy poet Baxter Black's work. Okay, my friend A. gave this to me following my miserable performance at Hearts earlier in the month, but I'm sure she'd have given it to me even if I'd won, so I refuse to regard it as a booby prize.


  1. That is a nice, eclectic mix, Susan.
    Lots of cowboy-y stuff.
    Happy trails,, to you.

  2. Yee haw, Cip. ;)

  3. I am not talking about the books that I've bought since I started the challenge. I shared about the first one. That should be sufficient.

  4. There haven't been many books coming into my house lately either, not even library books. It's sort of depressing, but I am looking forward to some gift cards from bookstores in December! Enjoy the essay book!


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