Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey, MFS! Do you know about this?

It showed up on the new book cart today and I thought you might want to buy a copy for your very own.



  1. I know what you're doing.

    *sniff* and *hrumph*

    If I hadn't already asked for it as a Christmas gift, I would suggest that perhaps my dear friend Susan would like to send it to me after I win this little wager we've got.

    *big grin*

  2. Remind me not to make any bets with you. You don't play nice. :o)

  3. You expect *me* to have an ulterior motive?!?!?! Why, I declare.

    I'm truly stunned and I would expend more word power to relay just how stunned I am except I've got to go play cards and eat pizza with a bunch of crazy librarians.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  4. At first glance this book looks wonderful. My darling son brought it home for me from his most recent volunteer session at the library.
    Last night I was too sick to spend time with anything but my pillow, but tonight it's me, The Journal of JCO, and a bowl of popcorn.


  5. Chrissy, make sure MFS knows how wonderful it is, okay? I would hate for her to do without it for the next several weeks when Amazon offers one day shipping.

  6. And I'm glad you're feeling well enough to read now, Chrissy. Sorry for not saying that the first time.

  7. Thank you, Susan. I hadn't given it a though when I read your first message, but I appreciate your good wishes.


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