Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today we cancelled the digital portion of our cable package and finished fulfilling our Audible obligation. And then I signed up with Netflix. Other than The Adventures of Briscoe County I have nothing in my queue, although I do have the new Dr. Who series in mind.

Anyone have any movie or series suggestions?


  1. Two of my all-time faves are:

    * 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould
    * The Importance of Being Earnest (1952 version, with Michael Redgrave)

  2. MargaretWV6:39 PM

    How about The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada? It's in my Netflix queue. A western with Dwight Yoakam -- hmmm, you probably saw it when it opened. Matewan, to tie in with The Scapegoat. Reds, to see Rebecca West.

  3. Margaret, I'd just added Three Burials! I'm more than a little tired of seeing Dwight beat and killed in a gruesome manner on the screen, but I like Tommy Lee Jones. . .

    Reds and Matewan will be duly added.

    And John, I've added the Wilde and "saved" the Glenn Gould since that's one Netflix doesn't have.


  4. What about The Driver's Seat? I am interested to see what other people think of it. I also just watched Cold Comfort Farm which was vastly amusing! I think I have about 40 movies in my queue--but I am constantly shifting things around!

  5. I have Driver's Seat on the list, don't worry. :)

    I've just been going through page after page after page of old tv shows that have made it onto dvd. Mr. Ed is on dvd and thirtysomething isn't? How weird is that? And Wiseguy--I'd totally forgotten about Vinnie Terranova.

    They have a two-disc set of Camomile Lawn. Have you seen that yet?

  6. MargaretWV9:38 AM

    I saw The Camomile Lawn a few months ago. I hadn't read the book. I thought it was very good, although missing something -- character development, perhaps. My English husband opined that it should have been more cynical (!) Many, many favorite actors.


  7. 24, all series. Also can't recommend the Australian series 'The Secret Life of Us' highly enough. If you're adding 'The Importance of Being Earnest' how about the biographical film 'Oscar' starring Stephen Fry? I also just saw 'March of the Penguins' which was great (although highly distressing) and narrated by Stephen Fry.

  8. I liked the Camomile Lawn. I have read the book and thought they stayed true to the story. Worth a watch anyway.

  9. Series: Monk and LOST

    And here's alink to my favorite movies:

  10. We're watching Briscoe right now on Netflix ourselves! Wonderful stuff.

    I recommend Wonderfalls, Firefly, Dear Frankie, Millions, Mostly Martha, this list could go on and on. One good idea is to get hooked up with people on their 'friends' list so you can see what others are watching...wonderful place to stumble on interesting things.

  11. I've jotted down the titles left since I checked last: thanks, everyone.

    Carl, Firefly is a family favorite--that's one we don't mind owning. Wonderfalls is a great suggestion since we missed several eps during its short-lived airing.

    How far are you in Briscoe County? We've watched three discs so far. I've enjoyed the later episodes more than the ones at first, but my husband's getting tired of it so we're going to have to take a break from it for two or three weeks.


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