Saturday, December 18, 2004

Science Saturday

"Birds are excellent environmental indicators, and what they are telling us is that there is a fundamental malaise in the way we treat our environment."

Hundreds of bird species are going extinct. (Guardian)


"Of all the problems that arise from having an administration that chooses not to believe in reality, the one most likely to have irretrievably disastrous consequences is environmental.

"The Bush solution to global warming is to declare it does not exist. While this solves the problem for him in the short term, global warming is highly unlikely to be impressed by the news that we are now an empire and can change history. "

More sewage in the water and environmental exemptions for the Pentagon? Hey, stuff happens when you're reality challenged. (Molly Ivins)


"The two large protected grizzly bear populations that remain in the United States, one in and around Glacier National Park and the other around Yellowstone, were hit hard this year by an unusually high number of deaths caused by humans." (New York Times)


Chinese space tomatoes and Jeanette Winterson's plan to send homeopathic remedies to Bosnia to treat HIV: it's time for the Bad Science awards! (Guardian)


"Scientific proof that water once flowed on Mars has been voted the breakthrough of the year according to journal Science."

Scientific Breakthrough of the Year awards announced by Science journal. (The Independent)

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