Friday, August 01, 2008

Widget fidgets

I added a "Currently Reading" widget to the blog a few days ago. The widget is still in its beta stage and I find its quirks interesting.

At first it appeared to work more reliably with Firefox than with Internet Explorer. Now it doesn't work with either when viewing the blog's main page, but shows up if you view an individual post.



  1. Jordan3:52 PM

    I read Cranford in grad school and found it very pleasant. It won't stick with me forever, but I liked it. Hope you do, too!

  2. Is it a library thing widget? The one for books in my library works well for me, but I haven't ventured into a currently reading one--thought I'd try an amazon one, but will wait to hear if that's what's giving you trouble.

    I've also recently joined FAcebook, and their Visual Bookshelf app is pretty good, I've found.

  3. I am just using the Blogger HTML widget. I do like Visual Bookshelf on Facebook. I wonder if it can feed into my blog?

  4. It's a Readerville widget. Once the Readerville Notebooks area is out of beta, it should be similar to Good Reads, but much more valuable to me since I've been part of the Readerville community for eight years and know whose tastes there are in synch with my own.

    The only other widget I'm familiar with is the one from Library Thing. I've been resisting Facebook--telling myself I'm much too old and don't have time for another time-suck anyway.

    Re: Cranford: It's pleasant, but not near as good as Wives and Daughters or Mary Barton, the other two Gaskells I've read.

  5. That's a cool little widget. Typepad is pretty good at offering different types of lists on the sidebar. I really need to check out Readerville--you've mentioned it several times.

  6. By the way I always love seeing what everyone is reading at the moment!

  7. Oh, I do, too! It's a great incentive to click on through instead of reading via an RSS feeder.

  8. I think Cranford is lots of fun and I can second the recommendation for Wives and Daughters as well. I also enjoyed North and South. Gaskell deserves to be much more widely read than she is if you ask me.


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