Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest batch of books

These are the books that have taken up residency on my shelves over the last couple of months. It's sort of magic how these things find their way here considering I've had exactly two trips to the bookstore this summer and brought home only four books total. If you're out of storage space, they will come, I suppose.

David McCullough. John Adams. Finished watching the HBO series earlier in the week. I'll probably wait to start this one until after I've read a Jefferson bio.

Anne Enright. Yesterday's Weather. Short stories. I'm very excited to own this.

Beth Gutcheon. Good-bye and Amen. Already finished with a review pending.

Robert Boswell. The Half-Known World: On Writing Fiction. I love reading craft books and I'm quite fond of Boswell anyway.

John Dufresne. Requiem, Mass. Read during the readathon in June.

Helen Garner. The Spare Room. It didn't make the Booker longlist, but I bought it anyway.

Amitav Ghosh .Sea of Poppies. This one did make it onto the Booker longlist.

Haven Kimmel. Iodine. I'm anxious to start.

R.W.B. Lewis. The Jameses: A Family Narrative. I've eyed library copies of this one for years, but knew it would be impossible to read it before its due date. Now I can read it at my leisure.

Joan Wickersham. The Suicide Index. One of the best books I've read this year.

Richard Hughes. A High Wind in Jamaica, The Fox in the Attic, In Hazard, and The Wooden Shepherdess. If they're all as wonderful as High Wind, I'm in for a treat.

Stefan Zweig. The Post-Office Girl. Lots of discussion of this one in the forums at Readerville and Book Balloon.

Darcy O'Brien. A Way of Life, Like Any Other. If it's reissued by NYRB it's got to be good, right?

Kitty Aldridge. Cryers Hill. Another Readerville recommendation.

John McPhee. The Control of Nature. Purchasing this one led to a big discussion on Alaska and Utah with the owner of my favorite used bookstore: he was previously a miner in Utah.

John Welter. Night of the Avenging Blowfish. I've read this one before. Welter is hilarious. Why has he stopped publishing?

Nicolai Gogol. Overcoat and Other Tales of Good and Evil. The only thing I've read by Gogol is Dead Souls. I'm sure that's not enough.

Michael Greenberg. Hurry Down Sunshine. ARC

Sana Krasikov. One More Year. Review copy

Perri Klass. The Mercy Rule. Review copy

Porter Shreve. When the White House was Ours. Review copy

And (unpictured) for the Kindle:

Lin Enger. Undiscovered Country. Based on Hamlet.

David Rabe. Dinosaurs on the Roof. I'm not quite halfway through and I doubt I ever finish it.

Works of Anton Chekhov. The complete works. For $4.79.


  1. Where on earth did you find the Ghosh? Amazon has it listed as coming out in October.

    Catherine (chelseagirl on LiveJournal)

  2. "If you're out of storage space, they will come"

    Heh. So true! :D

  3. I ordered it through The Book Depository--a UK company with free worldwide delivery.

    I decided that it'd be worth it to have it now with the cover I liked the best (yes, I can rationalize most book purchases).

  4. And when you have the space, you have no money or gift certificates. . .

    Horrible how it all works out. ;)

  5. *Free* delivery from the UK? Be still my beating heart! That is amazing *goes to google it*

  6. They're quick, too, Catherine. I've been much happier with than sluggish amazon uk. (Sorry I didn't link earlier.)

  7. No problem at all -- Google found it for me right away and I've already bookmarked it. Great to know about -- a pity they don't sell UK DVDs as well (we do have a multiregional DVD player). But fantastic!

  8. I have this same problem--I really don't have anymore space and my stacks are getting way too tall, but I still keep buying. It really is a sickness I guess. I'm still waiting for a library copy of the Gutcheon book--I hope it's good. I have the Zweig book--I really do want to read him this year. I still need to check out Readerville--do you need to subscribe to join in? And from what I've read, readers were astonished that The Spare Room didn't make the Booker longlist--I need to check that one out, too!

  9. Sweet picture. :)

    I zeroed in on the NYRBs on the left immediately. I'm also looking at "The Post-Office Girl" as a future purchase.

    I think Gogol is at his finest when he's doing those surrealistic short stories. "The Nose" is one of my favourite. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  10. And all of Chekhov for only $5? What a deal!

  11. Caroline8:09 AM

    What an amazing pile of books - they will certainly keep you busy! I am especially looking forward to hearing what you think of Iodine - I discovered Haven Kimmel's books - and her blog - through yours. I love what I've read so far, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on her latest - I'm very tempted to order the hardcover, even though I know I shouldn't!

  12. I'd do it, Caroline, if for no other reason than that Kimmel's been dropped by her publishing house. This may set the paperback edition release date way back--this happened with Julie Hecht's The Unprofessionals. She was dropped and the hardback wasn't promoted when it came out in 2003 and the paperback just came out this month.

  13. Caroline7:00 PM

    Oh, no, really? (Just read that post on her blog after reading your comment.) I wonder why? Weren't her memoirs, at least, bestsellers? I'd better head off to the Book Depository and see if they've got it!


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