Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A few Central Park photos

Central Park scene

Central Park

Central Park scene

Central Park scene

Belvedere Castle

Central Park bird


stefanie said...

Fantastic photos!

MyUtopia said...

What incredible photos!

SFP said...

Thank you both very much!

Robin said...

Wow! What nice photos!

SFP said...

Thank you, Robin.

Crissy said...

Beautiful pictures, Susan.
My one and only trip to NY was in the month of December. Central Park was wonderful then, but I'd love to see it in the spring and summer months.


SFP said...

We went to London in December a few years back. If we ever go again I hope to do it when everything's green.

Literary Feline said...

These are beautiful! Very pleasing to come home to see. Thank you for sharing.