Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Don't tell my kids (who'd laugh hysterically), but I officially rock. Thank you, Sylvia!

I'm happy to extend the award to five female bloggers (who should then extend the award to five more):

Margaret at Surface-Mined

MFS at Mental Multivitamin

Kristen at Girl Detective

JenClair at A Garden Carried in the Pocket

Bybee at Naked Without Books

And I'm going to extend an honorary award to Elizabeth Edwards, who's as impressive as they come. (Check out her favorite books in her sidebar.)


  1. I'm a little slow this week. (*wry grin*) Six million thanks, Susan.

    You rock!


  2. Lol! I think everyone's too busy rocking this week to notice!

  3. You rock. You rock so much and so well. I'm just a pretender, but thanks.


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