Monday, June 11, 2007

A dozen. . .

new additions to make room for on the shelves:

The Puzzleheaded Girl. Christina Stead. I have a tendency to snatch up Steads whenever I come across them. This one came from Morningside Books across the street from Columbia University.

The Grass Harp. Truman Capote. I'm reading Other Voices, Other Rooms right now and was happy to see this one on the shelves at the Strand.

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. Rebecca West. Finally a copy of my own. Came from Morningside.

In the Days of the Comet. H.G. Wells. Thought S. might enjoy this one. From the Strand.

Earthly Possessions. Anne Tyler and Morgan's Passing. Anne Tyler. I'm working to replace all my ratty paperback copies of Tyler's early novels with decent hardbacks. These came from the Strand.

Arlington Park. Rachel Cusk. Ordered from Amazon as soon as Sandra mentioned how much she liked it and was waiting for me on the counter when we made it back home last night.

The River Wife. Jonis Agee. Also waiting for me last night. This is a Library Thing Early Reviewer copy.

The Children's Hospital. Chris Adrian. I think I ordered this so that we'd get free shipping on the Harry Potter that comes out next month.

Fieldwork. Mischa Berlinski. This came from MFS.

Rebecca West. Carl Rollyson. Another Strand purchase. Now I can return the library copy.

Pete Duel. Paul Green. I read this when I should have been packing for the trip. A pre-order from Amazon.


  1. I've got The Children's Hospital on my list. Sounds like an intriguing book.

  2. I've only heard good about it, Matt. Don't know when I'll get around to it, but I'm expecting it to be quite the experience once I do.

  3. Glad to see you're back, though I am sure you probably wish you were still in NYC. I ordered a copy of the Cusk as well. I wonder why they were so cheap! I just discovered (too late) the Library Thing Early Reviewer program. Is it hard to nab copies? It looks like they only have a few and loads of people requesting them.

  4. My legs are very happy to be home, although the rest of me would have preferred to stay longer.

    I have no idea why the Cusk was so discounted--The Children's Hospital was as well, if you're interested in getting that.

    I doubt I'm lucky enough to get a book through the Library Thing program ever again. It was a nice surprise to come home to! Usually I never win at these drawings.

  5. A very nice pile-o-books! And glad you're back!

  6. Nicola5:51 PM

    I was a little disappointed with Arlington Park. I won't give the plot away but only one of the characters truly interested me and that was the English teacher who ran a Jane Austen reading group for her sixth formers. I prefer Helen Simpson, the British writer who also examines women torn between career/children etc. but she uses the short story form. Carl Rollyson's biog of West is very good. Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a beautiful blog!

  7. I covet your Stead novel & also Morgan's Passing and Earthly Possessions. My friend has been waiting for the Pete Duel biography to come out. He looked for it in his hometown, then ordered it. He's going to do a guest review of it for my blog.

    I have a Stead novel, Letty Fox: Her Luck, that I keep leaving behind in the US. I'll fetch it this summer. Have you read that one?

  8. Thanks, Stefanie. It does feel good to be back online.

    Nicola, I'll have to look for Helen Simpson. I'd not heard of her before. And thanks for the blog compliment!

    Bybee, I bought Letty Fox last summer but haven't started it. I read both Rebecca West's The Fountain Overflows and Stead's The Man Who Loved Children several years ago, and remember feeling a connection between the two; I thought I'd begin reading Stead again once I reached Fountain in my RW project. The only other Stead I've read is The People with the Dogs, although I've had I'm Dying Laughing on hand for quite some time. Looking forward to your friend's review of the Pete Duel bio. Tell him to hurry up!


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