Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Title Blending Meme

I saw this at Stefanie's: The rules are simple, blend two book titles together by using the last word of one title and the first word of the second title. You can blend the author names too.

My contributions:

The Birds Fall Down and Out in Paris and London. Rebecca Orwell

Welcome to the Monkey House of Mirth. Kurt Wharton

The Virgin in the Garden of North American Martyrs. Tobias Byatt

Love's Labour's Lost in the Cosmos. William Percy

A Cure for Dreams of Sleep. Kaye Humphreys

Up in the Old Hotel New Hampshire. Joseph Irving

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Anne Adams


  1. Most excellent blended titles!

  2. You're good at that! I like the "William Percy" one particularly.

  3. Eats, shoots and lady Oracle

  4. This is so fun. I'd like to try that Homesick Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

  5. Great stuff! You all are so bloody clever.

  6. 1984getfulness by George Just. Tobias Buy it!

    The Hood Company

  7. Very clever! I like your titles very much.

  8. I want to go to the Monkey House of Mirth!

    Blending titles is not as easy as it looks. You have come up with some fantastic titles.

  9. You are really good at that. How very entertaining!

  10. Great blending! Quite clever and erudite of you - maybe you can get a job writing for Jeopardy! :)


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